Mint Flex 8 - dyed F8

Mint Flex 8 - dyed F8

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Mint-colored Flex 8. I've only made these once before and they sold right away. 

Goggles may come unassembled. Matvhing strap and visor. Frame will be darker. 

Since these are dyed parts, the bottoms might have some minor imperfections. Parts ottoms will have some variation to them in both color and imperfections in the dye job. Visors will not match. Frames will NEVER dye your face. Foam is never dyed. If you are unhappy with the final product, please contact PBretro directly.

Some of these will come out darker, lighter, more blue or more green. If any of these possibilities are a deal breaker, please don't buy

Sometimes the dying process does wreck the small foam side pieces that don’t do anything. Sorry.

Protective full paintball face mask and anti-fog thermal lens goggles protect your face, head, and eyes. JT’s exclusive “dual-fusion” technology has helped us produce a revolutionary exoskeleton that can only be found within our Spectra™ goggle line. More specifically, the Flex-8™ system offers integrated venting on the jaw which has also been strategically designed to encourage deflections and bounces. While the top-rated and cool JT Spectra™ Flex-8™ protective paintball face mask offers a “smaller target” to your opponent than previous Spectra™ systems, the Flex-8™ dual lens no fog thermal paintball goggles maintain its ability to accept the Vortex II™ fan and other popular JT accessories. All models come with a removable visor.


    • Spectra Dual Pane Anti-Fog Lens For Reduced Fogging
    • Multi Directional Venting For Optimal Protection & Venting
    • 260-Degree Field of Vision
    • Dual Fusion Molded Technology
    • Integrated and Vented Hard Ears
    • Adjustable Head Strap and Chin Strap For A Tight Fit
    • Removable Visor For Play In All Light Conditions!