TKO Custom JT Glide Jersey - 19 pack + 1 Odyssey

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These are all made to order with any name and/or number you want on the back. Basic jerseys with name and number are $99 shipped each. However, they must be ordered in groups of 5 or more. 

We can also put team logos on the front or back and even replace some of the JT logos with your own logos. 

Choose from any of our popular designs and get the jersey of your dreams. 

These must be purchased in groups of 5 since that is JT's minimum order. You can mix and match sizes, names and numbers. 

If you want more than 5, let me know after you've purchased the first 10 when you email with sizing and what name you want on the back.

Typically jerseys take about 6 weeks to make. However, due to Covid, everything is currently slower - including shipping. Please be patient.   

Or instead, upgrade to the Odyssey style jersey here with the more durable kevlar forearms, more modern cut, gauntlets that fit around your hand and more breathable material. Click here for the Odyssey: