Limited Edition Carbon Fiber Proflexes in stock and shipping

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Brass Bullet Casing Screws - back in stock!

Attach your Proflex ears to your facemask in the most American way possible. 

Fits all Proflex and Revo goggle systems. 

Includes 2 metal bullet casing screws. Flathead screw on one side and shell casing on the other side. 

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JT Proflex Frames

PB Retro is your hookup for JT Proflex Frames! We have some great ones in stock and shipping daily.

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PB Retro Spring Collection

Check out the new LIME frames, pink WOVEN straps and some of the great combinations in the new PBretro Spring collection.

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Paintball Masks

JT masks have been near impossible to get recently, but we just got in a new shipment of super soft Proflex goggles as well as Flex 8's. Grab them before they are gone.

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In stock jerseys!

No wait for these jerseys! I have a limited number of Rage, Palm, Blunt Riders, Tigerstripe and others in stock right now. If you want something more custom, I can still do it, but if you need a jersey now, check these out.

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From Paintball Retro:

I've been playing paintball since 1990 and involved in the paintball industry since 1993. I am truly enjoying the retro movement in paintball so I wanted to bring you some of my favorite current products that have that amazing feeling of nostalgia from back from when I first fell in love with the game. I still play regularly and I hope to see you on the field some day." 

John Dresser