Limited Edition JT HMD3 Pants

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JT Beanies

We have a limited number of black JT beanies with a cuff and embroidered JT logo. 9 different logos colors in stock and shipping right now. Limited quantities.

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JT Revo 3 ears with colored hardware

Black rubber ears with JT logo. These are the rubber flexible ones. Includes one full set including one right and one left ear piece.

Includes 2 Aluminum screws in the color of your choice. 2 screws and 2 posts - enough for the bottoms of ears for one Proflex mask. Smooth on one side with no broach. All are flathead. These are genuine Robbo screws. Accept no imitations. 

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JT Compressed Air Tanks

OG players know that the modern 80 cui tanks are close to the same size and the same weight as the old 68's we used to play with back in the day. So when it came time to pick a size for our new PB Retro exclusive compressed air tanks, we knew 80's were where it's at. 

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From Paintball Retro:

I've been playing paintball since 1990 and involved in the paintball industry since 1993. I am truly enjoying the retro movement in paintball so I wanted to bring you some of my favorite current products that have that amazing feeling of nostalgia from back from when I first fell in love with the game. I still play regularly and I hope to see you on the field some day." 

John Dresser